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Premium-Quality Seafood. Remarkable Value.

Lashley & Waithe Fish Processors Inc is an HACCP compliant seafood processing facility that has been in business for more than two decades now. We deal solely in fish and seafood products and offer our services to a variety of customers and clients who use our products for wholesale, restaurant as well home cooking purposes.

Seafood Wholesalers

Seafood Wholesalers & Retailers

Lashley & Waithe Fish Processors Inc. was established in 1994 as purveyors of fish and seafood products catering to the needs of restaurants, supermarkets, Food Service Entities and households. We specialise in fresh fish throughout retail and wholesale offerings. Our range of products include but not only limited to Dolphin ( Mahi-Mahi), King Fish, Sword Fish, Blu Marlin, Bill Fish, Yellow FinTuna , Barracuda, Congalee, Tabio, Amber Fish, Blackman Jacks and Red Snapper.

We offer a range of Flying Fish, Dolphin, Bangamary, Kingfish, Butterfish, Tuna, Grouper, Shrimps, Billfish, Sword Fish, Seafood Mix, Scallops, Sea Cat, Squid, Blue Marlin, Grey Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Shark, Melts, Red Snapper and Calamari. We are known in Barbados for our reliability, quality and efficiency in delivering products and services. Our quality of final processed seafood selection whole or in part is what makes us unique.

Lashley & Waithe Fish Processors Inc is known for its delivery services throughout Barbados; including our emergency delivery services. We always pay due attention to details so you may get nothing but the best.

Like any other reputed corporate, we do our part by performing our corporate social responsibility. Lashley & Waithe Fish Processors Inc supports charitable causes and the Barbados Culinary Team whenever and however we can.

We’ve been putting value into the seafood industry without sacrificing quality for the price.

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